Thursday, August 22, 2013

Flipboard – My new way of organizing information for me

Over the years I’ve tried several ways of organizing my information and Flipboard has given me the best way yet.  And, on top of that, I can share with like minded people.  Double bonus!  If you click on the image to the right it will take you to my Magazine Rack.
I’ve been using Flipboard for over a year now, ever since they released the Droid App.  It does a great job of connecting to most, if not all of your social networks and gives a great magazine feel to all of them.  Recently, they introduced Magazines and I started curating my interests a couple of months ago via the editor.  And at this point I bet you are wondering what interests me.

Live, Laugh, Love, Inspire, Serve
I’ve been married for nearly 23 years to a wonderful woman.  I am blessed to be able to be nearly a fulltime partner in life, marriage, business, fitness and so many other areas that we share with each other.  Our lifetime legacy is to be able to Live, Laugh, Love, Inspire & Serve.  By defining our mission statement, what our legacy will look like we are growing so much faster now in the realms of relationship, spirituality, mentally, emotionally and financially.  I know within a short span of time my comment of “nearly a fulltime partner” will change to “a fulltime partner”.  Why else did I get married?  So feel free to subscribe, find out what it means to Live, Laugh. Love, Inspire and Serve.

I spent 13 years in the US Marine Corps.  While they did not want sculpted body builders they were very intent on lean, mean, fighting machines.  Since retiring, my activity level has dropped.  Over 20 years it was a slow decline and one that was always accompanied by the thought of “I am still in shape”.  Then I realized, somehow, magically, I was nearly 40 lbs over weight.  Yikes!!!  Not only do we have the best vitamins, minerals and nutritional supplements available to anyone through our own business, we carry a great line of fitness products.  And as my wife and I continue on changing our lifestyle for the better, this is where we will share what we find that works, and what doesn’t.

“Beauty & Skin Care?  Really?  You are interested in that?”  You bet I am, and I am but at the beginning of the learning curve.  “But you are a man!”  And I have skin.  Not quite like a woman’s, but I still have it.  I and I want to have it instead of some piece of hide when I am older.  I am also learning that there are several grades of makeup that women have available to them.  Some, like what you get at low-end stores, have metals in them.  You know, lead, aluminum, etc.  And at the high end you find mostly natural ingredients but the price!  The Prestige Brands can be quite expensive!  And do you even know the top Prestige Brands?  Artistry, Clinique, Estee Lauder, Channel, and Lancome (not necessarily in that order).  While we represent Artistry the purpose of this magazine is not selling but rather education.

My personal passion lies in Space Research, Exploration & Colonization.  Growing up I just KNEW I would be an Astronaut one day.  But, as they say, life happened and look at me now (or rather look at the last magazine down the list here).  However, that passion is still burning bright in my heart and I’ve not given up on it at all.  For now, I will be flipping in articles on Astronomy, space, X-Prize, the private sector space race and much more.  I love deep space photography and will flip a lot of those space shots in here as well.  And as I come across new/weird/different ideas on how to tackle problems in this arena you may find those flipped in also.  And if you find things I don’t have, tell me!  Please!!

Technology could be considered a slice of Space Research, Exploration and Colonization but the subject is so big I opted to create a magazine just around this (general) topic.  Computing, transportation, homes, integration and more are the more specific topics I will be flipping into this magazine.  While Space is my passion, sometimes articles around space belong more here than they do in the previous magazine.  I also have a son who is a Type I Diabetic and will flip medical articles into here.  Not only on Type I Diabetes but on T-Cell research, genome knowledge, life extension ideas and more.  While I am not a huge proponent for human cloning, I find the idea of organ cloning compelling.  We are still a long ways off but it is an exciting field.

As you may have picked up, I am a US Marine.  We are the only branch in the US Armed Forces that do not think, talk or even act of ourselves as “former” or “ex” military.  The day we graduated Boot Camp or OCS we earned the title of US Marine.  I don’t expect many of you to even want to follow this magazine, but for my Brothers and Sisters out there in the world – Semper Fidelis!  And I warn you know, don’t get me started on politics or the actions happening up on the Hill.  I serve no man, regardless of who may win the election for President.  But I support and defend the Constitution of the United States.  I am a US Marine and I will defend this great nation!

The Developer started as a way for me to gather insightful and useful knowledge for my career choice.  And guess what happened?  I found more magazines in the same vein.  So now I am finding it more common to flip in articles on technologies, patterns and practices that I know I will be stepping into or need to learn.  Yes, I am an ASP.NET (MVC) specialist with extensive backend and middle tier chops.  I love managing data and greasing the pipeline between the data source, not always a database, and the user.  I see so many failures in the arena of data design and implementation it is not even funny anymore.

So that is the list of magazines I have out available to the public right now.  As I gain more insights into myself they may evolve a bit.  Enjoy – and remember to Live, Laugh, Love, Inspire and Serve!

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