Friday, October 25, 2013

Content Strategy?

Portent-Content-Strategy We are embarking on our next segment in our online life and that is learning Content Strategy.  Now, as we understand it, to get to a point where we can start working on content strategy we first need to have a solid understanding of our brand.  And we feel we also need to know why we need a content strategy.  It is an easy question to ask but not necessarily an easy question to answer.
Let us try to tackle our dilemma as best as we can.  Our brand as we have it defined right now is Live, Laugh, Love, Inspire, Serve.  With our business we help people move from an employee outlook on life to a (large) business owner outlook on life.  98% of what we do is wrapped up in relationship building, mentoring, leadership training and personalized support.  We help people transition from a life of living paycheck-to-paycheck, Friday-to-Friday to a life of freedom and choices.  One of the things we love best about our business is we don’t define what freedom means; you do.  We get to help you get there!
With that in mind, I am leaning towards a content strategy that is centered on relationship building, leadership training and thinking like a (large) business owner.  I am hoping to find a circle of friends out there that would like to help guide some of our own decision making processes while we explore and learn to utilize the Social Media channels currently available to us.

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