Our Brand

Tag line? Or just a way to live?

I spend 5-10 minutes a day on Google+.  It is not a high or critical item on my list but I do get into some interesting conversations.  Like this one from a gentleman in England.  He posts a “Question of the day” and sometimes I answer it.  This one got my attention!
“What is your tagline and why did you choose it?”

My answer?  Here you go:

Live, laugh, love, inspire, serve.
To be successful we are often told to visualize what we want; like houses, cars, bank balance, etc.  My wife and I discovered 2 weekends ago something a little more powerful for us.  We brain stormed and thought about what we wanted others to say of us in 20 years AND 4-6 words that would sum up our lives the way we wanted to live it.
Of course, we have further fleshed out exactly what each of those 5 little words mean to us, not only with pictures but with the underlying attitudes to go along with them.  Well, not completely yet but we are getting close.
As we move forward, every decision will be passed through this tagline (filter) and the outcome will be decided on everything that makes up those 5 words for us...
 My wife and I are slowly expanding on our brand and what we mean by it.  We are digging down to the why, not the what or how.  So, here dear readers, are the links to our posts to date: