Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Our Brand (Part 2) -- Live

Webster's Dictionary gives these two examples of "Live":
—live it up
:  to live with gusto
— live with
:  to put up with :  accept, tolerate
If we go based on these ideas, which one do you want to do?

On our way back from a summer business function, Keith and I came up with our own ideas on how we want to live and it is every bit the first example.
  • To live life richly
  • Deeply
  • Deliberately
  • Fully
  • Without hesitation
  • Passionately
  • Purposely
  • Faith filled
  • Boldly
  • Without regrets
  • With the belief that we are worthy of blessings
We don't want to have to settle for anything.  We want to live with gusto!  We want to explore the world.  OK - really, there are a few places that I have no interest in, but if Keith wants to go, I will go with him because I want to LIVE with him. 

We want our lives to be such that when people see us, they know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that we are not only living life to the fullest now, but that we will be living it to the fullest tomorrow, and the day after that, and all of our days to come.

We don't want to live a settle for life.  We are worth more than that!  YOU are worth more than that!  We are worth the abundance of time, money, prosperity, health and everything else that it takes to live "with gusto."

We are working to live deliberately.  One blog writer posted:  It means that we examine our hearts and minds closely. So that we can always represent ourselves completely. We try to know which of our attitudes and reactions are true to us and which are from a tattered and tired old useless hard-wiring that could use some updating. It means we can respond, versus react, to people, places and times and be fully a part of what's around us."

It is time to stop reacting to the world around us.

Here is a link to a poem written by Linda Ellis:

How do you want to live your life, your "Dash" if you will?  Do you want it to be with gusto, or do you merely want to put up with it, tolerate it?

As for Keith and me, we choose gusto!

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